Hall Pass in a nutshell

HALL PASS is a fast and easy to learn board game (for 2-4 players, all ages 10+) that packs a lot of fun into its simple rules. You will be able to learn to play and start enjoying the game very quickly, but as you keep playing multiple times you will find that there is a lot of strategy. Your goal is to be the first to escape from school! In a nutshell, this game has taken the bluffing elements from poker, increased the action by 10x, and stripped out the complicated rules so anyone can play. Each person picks a side/color and starts with all of their pieces in their own home "classrooms". Everything in the middle is the "hallway". You can escape to the getaway car through any open classroom other than your own. It's up to you to figure out if you want to play offensively and try to escape ASAP or if you want to be more defensive and just keep knocking out your friends. On your turn, you have two options. You can move any of your pieces in a straight line in any one direction or you can move one piece out of detention, back into any of your open home classrooms. Every piece has a number on the bottom of it which is its "hall pass". This is the number of spaces you can move "legally". You can go more or fewer as long as you don't get caught! So make sure you always keep the hall pass a secret. After every move, anyone in the game has the opportunity to call to see the hall pass. (It's the equivalent of calling B.S.) If they were telling the truth, they send one of your pieces to detention, but if they were lying then the move is reversed, you send them to detention, and get an extra free move for yourself. You can also knock your friends to detention just for being in your way. Anyone in the hallway is fair game. But anyone in their home classroom is safe and can't be knocked out or passed through. First one to escape with all of their pieces to the getaway car wins! That's pretty much it!

Hall Pass - Quick video Rules

Hall Pass - kickstarter video

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So the "Glue Guy" on a basketball team is not the strongest, the tallest,  or the best shooter.  He isn't the best at anything.  But you need that guy on the team because he's the glue that holds the team together and makes it all work.  Similarly, I see myself as the glue that brings your family and friends together with fun board games.  I'm the Glue Guy!

Discussion Board


COMING SOON (hopefully) If I can get a discussion board together that'd be pretty sweet because I want you all to share your experiences playing Hall Pass!

Make sure to check out our campaign on Kickstarter for Hall Pass. It gives a little more information about how to play the game and where it all started. Thank you to all who contributed!


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